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Plan, implement and manage public relations strategies especially sumbangan’s external connections including government agencies
Develop PR campaign and media social relation strategies (if necessary)
Collaborate with internal teams
Edit and update promotional material and publication
Prepare and distribute press releases (if necessary)
Organize PR events and serve as the company spokeperson
Address inquiries from the other parties
Prepare and submit PR reports
Manage PR issues through call/email/whatsapp (donator and organizers)
Organize and manage various Public Relations activities ie., keeping all communications with external parties intact. Use different channels to optimize campaign’s reach and success.
To build and maintain relationships with journalists, influencers and politicians.
Arrange and coordinate appointments with all contacts. (To liaise with Secretary Office & Personal Assistant to Group CEO) Research and gather opportunities for collaborations, partnerships, grants etc.
Organize and manage various Public Relations activities. Measure performance of each activity and event. Advise company on handling sensitive public issues to preserve reputation. Create creative content for marketing materials. Create a content, writing, reviewing, editing, and updating content for company websites, blogs, marketing materials, social media and digital media platforms. Channel management of digital content hubs and all supporting social channels including FB, IG, YouTube, Tiktok and etc. Understand the basic best practices of the main social media channels, which content and approaches work on each and why. Responsible for planning, executing and monitoring contents on social media. Edit and proofread written pieces before publication. Present a very good and understandable copywriting for the marketing project material. o Prepare good article in website company with client testimony. Prepare well structure draft using digital publishing platform. Produce and accountable for all video and graphic content for to drive traffic, engagement, leads, retention, that align with business objectives.