Gerbang Sumbangan Sdn. Bhd

Established since July 2020 with the focus on research and development on information communication technology. As for our 1st project we had setting up and operate a donation platform. We managed to collect round RM19,800,000.00 with 690,000 transactions.

Voluntary and businesses contributions enable to help 400,000 people and alleviate the burden of low-income groups, underprivileged and senior citizens. We also strive to improve their quality of life and serve as a catalyst for the needy to move forward and change a better standard of living to return those benefits to other communities in greater need.

We’re inspired by the power of the Internet to do good. We provide an incredible way for anyone to fundraise for their favourite charity or a personal need. We provide you with the right online tools and support to help a charity, NGO or as an individual in need to reach more people and fund your campaign.

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